Septic Tank Systems – Septic Pump Repair Myths

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Septic Tank Systems – Septic Pump Repair Myths

Septic Pump Repair Myths in Miami, Florida

Many myths abound when it comes to the repair or septic pump out services in Miami.  To the uneducated, these myths sometimes sound like the gospel truth and they end up believing them, only to end up causing more problems to their septic tanks. Before you decide on whether or not to believe the myths, it is prudent that you seek the advice of the professionals so that they can help you demystify all the myths and enhance the longevity of your entire septic tank system. Below are some of the septic tank repair myths you are likely to hear circulating in Miami, Florida.

Don’t bother if your septic system is not broken

It is not easy to know when your septic system has fallen in a state of disrepair until you experience a total breakdown. Due to this, many people wait till they see physical signs of failure before they call for professional help. Do not fall for this myth because if you wait that long, the damages may be extensive and you may end up spending a considerable amount of money in the repairs or sometimes you may have to replace the entire system. Therefore, make it a habit of calling Jason’s Septic Inc for regular check up and maintenance to ensure that your system is in good condition at all times.

You can’t stop a septic system from failing

This is another myth about septic pump repair you have probably heard doing rounds in Miami, Florida. It is a complete lie that there is nothing you can do to stop a septic system from failing. Even though most of the systems have been designed to last for between 20 and 25 years before failing, you can always increase this longevity by addressing issues whenever they come up, however minute they maybe. You also need to get the tank pumped on a regular basis.

With yeast, you don’t have to pump the septic tank

Most people think that when yeast is dumped into the tanks, then there is no need to pump the tank. This is an absolute lie and the truth is that sometimes dumping yeast in the tanks may end up worsening whatever issues the tank might already be having. Addition of yeast may create chemical imbalance in the system and this can lead to more build up to cause more problems in the long run. The best solution is to call septic service professionals like Jason’s Septic and let them provide the right remedy to your tank.

Septic Systems last forever

It is a fact that most of the systems have been designed to last for many years, but there are also some which have broken within one year of installation. The best way to guarantee the longevity of the tanks is to ensure regular maintenance and proper inspection done by professional septic tank service providers.

In Miami, you can always rely on the services of Jason’s Septic Inc for any kind of septic system services you may need so that you may not be a victim of the septic pump repair myths in Miami.

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