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Jason’s Septic Inc | Ask The Pro

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking Brittinie Nesenman of Jason’s Septic Inc.  I had never dealt with a septic system prior to purchasing our current home and let’s just say that thanks to this great company that I am now a pro as well.  We had our tank pumped out, manhole cover added, and a new drain field installed so I am confident that Jason’s can handle your “stinkin business” as their slogan states.

We were only in our new home a few weeks prior to having our first plumbing issue.  We called out a few plumbing companies who all had an idea of the problem but were unable to fix it.  After talking with friends and neighbors, it was recommended to have the septica tank pumped out.  We didn’t think the septic system could be the issue as we had assumed that  it was inspected during  the purchase process.  After many companies came whose services did not fix the issue,  Jason’s septic came out and began investigating.  Turns out we needed a new drain field.  Sensing our hesitation, Jason was kind enough to show my husband how a drain field should function and then showed him exactly what ours was doing.  Even to my novice husband, it was clear a new one was needed.

As homeowners, we are often faced with challenging decisions when it comes time to servicing or replacing components in the home.   I often get asked by friends and clients to recommend them service providers, being in the real estate industry I have been fortunate to develop certain relationships with trusted vendors.  Living in Palmetto Bay, a basic knowledge of Septic System care could save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.

What types of work does a Septic company typically perform?  Jason’s Septic: We do just about everything, Pump outs, drain work, septic work and drain replacement.

How familiar are you with the Palmetto Bay area?  Are there benefits of working with an experienced Septic company that works this community?  Yes, we are very familiar with Palmetto Bay and we are located close by.  This means that we can get to where you need us soon which in our line of work is very important. Additionally, we are knowledgeable about the water table specifics along with the rock and soil types that we will be working with.

What routine maintenance is recommended to keep systems at optimal performance and extend the life of the septic tank and drain field?  What is the range in cost for this service?  Make sure you service the system every 3-4 years.  The cost is $250.00 dollars and we also suggest the use of a product we sell called a bio tab once a month. It breaks down bad bacteria in your tank.  We don’t suggest the kind you can get at home improvement store, the chemicals in those can damage the pipes.  You can also just head over to Publix and pick up some non rising yeast.  One packet once per month will do the trick.

How easy is it to access a septic tank? If the septic tank does not have easy access, what do you recommend?  For the most part, trained professionals know how to find the septic tank.  The first thing I would do is look for the stack on top of the home and then go to that side of the house and look for the white clean out cap.  This will give you an idea of where your system is located.  When a manhole cover is not available to easily access the tank, the area has to be dug up, usually about 3 feet underground.  When this is the case, it is recommended to take that opportunity to install a manhole cover to avoid digging into the ground each time it needs to be serviced.

Could an overfilled septic tank cause your plumbing to back up?  Yes, look for cockroaches coming out of plumbing, a smell, or gurgling and when it is really bad, you will notice the ground where the septic tank resides is also flooded.

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t use a garbage disposals if you have a septic tank.  Is that true and what is your opinion?  Disposals definitely shouldn’t be used as frequently as they are.  It is a good practice to put leftover food in the trash and leave the compactor for crumbs and smaller pieces.  Never put oil down the drain either, this can wreak havoc on your system. Please do not flush anything but toilet paper down your toilet.  Even if it says flushable, toilet cleaning pads, cleansing wipes, and baby wipes are a clog waiting to happen.

What are other costs that have to be considered when replacing a septic tank or drain field?  n addition to the system repairs, landscaping, lighting, and irrigation lines may be in the line of repair.  If necessary, we can suggest companies to assist with the appropriate need.

As someone looking to buy a Palmetto Bay home for sale.  When walking into a home, what are the main things you look for as potential red flags?  The first thing I would do is look for the stack on top of the home and then go to that side of the house and look for the white clean out cap.  This will give you an idea of where your system is located.  While there look at the grass and see if you notice a greener color to the grass, a smell, or roaches.  Any of these could indicate an issue. While in the home, flush the toilets and listen for a gurgling sound as well as anything that doesn’t sound like a normal flush.  This could mean that the tank is full and needs to be pumped.

What are typical questions to ask the seller regarding their Septic Tank and Drain Field?  Find out when it was last serviced.  The FL Department of Health recommends service every 3-4 years.  Keep in mind that a larger household or a home that is occupied all day may require a more frequent pump out.  It is also very important to ask the seller if the permit was ever pulled, you can call the health department to verify this info.

What is the average cost replace a septic tank for a 2,000 sq. ft. single-story home?  Let’s say a home built in 1975 and is a 3/2. The septic tank will run about $900-$1,050 and a 300 SQ FT drain field will run you $6,800-$7,200. It would take about 2 days to complete each project.  The system if properly cared for should give you about 20 years of service.

What do you recommend a potential buyer do as part of their due process and inspection? This is so important, because most buyers simply assume that the typical home inspection includes the septic tank and drainfield and it does not.  Additionally, most inspectors are not qualified to inspect a septic system.  During the inspection of the septic system, ask for a percolation test, and question the condition of the tank and lids. Again, it is very important that permits were pulled and have been closed out.

As you can see the costs to replace these systems are considerable and understanding the state of your septic tank and drainfield prior to purchase will allow you to make a better informed decision.

Download the Homebuyer’s Guide to Septic Systems

About Jason’s Septic Inc
Jason’s Septic Inc. is a fully licensed, insured # SR0031444 and owner operated business that specializes in pump outs, and all types of septic services for both commercial and residential jobs, like homes, restaurants, malls, and much more.

If you have questions regarding septic systems, please contact Brittinie Nesenman (305) 252-1080.

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